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PR expert and former journalist Lesley Wilkinson established Stirling PR in 2014.

Lesley has almost two decades experience working with and for the media. She started her career as a print and radio journalist before working for the University of Stirling as their Head of Communications and Media. She has a Master’s in Public Relations from the University of Stirling and a Master’s in English Language and Literature from the University of Glasgow. Her education and experience have given her a sound understanding of how the media works and how to find and tell a good story:


“As a reporter I was on the receiving end of dozens of emails every day from companies desperate for media attention. So having a story that stands out from the crowd is a must. With news the clue is in the name, is there anything ‘new’ in your story? Is there anything unusual about it? Do you have a fresh perspective or local angle on a national story? We live in a digital age where everyone skim reads content, so you need to tell your story in as few words as possible and make sure you have some eye-catching images or video to illustrate it. This will increase the chance of your story being picked up by journalists and shared on social media.”


Stirling PR has run a number of high profile PR campaigns, from featuring a client’s transformation of a former Royal Navy Sea King helicopter on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces to the launch of the UK’s most successful online farmer’s market, Stirling Food Assembly.


We believe in using business as a force for good. Lesley is a Director of local charity Good Green Fun and also provides pro bono support to Children’s Medical Care Malawi. We work with a number of other charities, including Artlink Central, Creative Stirling, Forth Environment Link and Brave Ideas, and recently managed PR for the launch of Glasgow’s first community crowd funding dinner, Glasgow Soup.


We are passionate about supporting our local business community. Lesley previously served as a Director of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce (2017-2018) and we share our media expertise by running media training workshops on a one to one or group basis. To book a top PR tips session please contact us.


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