Local transport service Dial-a-Journey has stepped in to help student nurses struggling to get to placements during the Covid-19 crisis.

The charity is giving free lifts to student nurses who have been affected by reduced bus and train services and don’t have their own transport to get to and from shifts.

Lynn Maher of Stirling University Students’ Union said: “The Union Sabbatical Officers noticed that several student nurses had posted on social media about how difficult it was to get to placements using public transport, so we got in touch with Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise to see how they could help. They suggested we get in touch with Dial-a-Journey and within no time at all, we had a solution to the problem! Nurses can now book a journey in advance to match their shift pattern, which is great news.”

Dial-a-Journey, which normally supports people with mobility issues, is offering the crisis service to student nurses free of charge. Heidi Anderson from the charity said: “When the Union got in touch, we were only too happy to help the students out. We’ll be transporting no more than 9 nurses at a time, observing the 2-metre rule, and will be sanitising the bus between journeys to keep them safe. The nurses will also be bagging their uniform before getting on the bus and the University Sports Centre has donated shoe covers to minimise the risk of transmission.”

Natalie Masterson of Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise added: “When we were contacted by the University of Stirling’s Students’ Union regarding the transport issues some of the student nurses were struggling with, we knew that there was an organisation that could possibly help. It was just a matter of making the connections and Dial-a-Journey have been fantastic at stepping up and giving their time. Finding local solutions to local issues is the best way to solve some of the problems we are currently facing and it’s truly heart-warming to see so many positive examples of people working together to face this head on. If you are a local organisation that needs support at this difficult time, please get in touch with SVE on 01786 430000 or info@sventerprise.org.uk