A ground-breaking new vertical video app by an Edinburgh based start-up has been awarded €50,000 from Google’s Digital News Initiative Fund.

Snappd enables Snapchat and Instagram users to upload their video stories and make them permanently available across other social media and the web. The unique app, which is free to download from the App Store, has the potential to save millions of user generated video stories from being deleted after 24hrs.

Snappd is the brainchild of Edinburgh based, self-taught app developer Russell Barnard (25): “User-generated videos are becoming ever more popular, particularly with the under 25s. Over 200 million stories are created on Snapchat and Instagram every day which are then automatically deleted after 24hrs. Snappd unlocks this content for video creators and creates a resource where people can watch video stories that interest them without the pressure of time limits. The benefit of Snappd over other platforms like YouTube and Facebook, is that it is fully optimised for mobile vertical videos. We hope Snappd will become the ‘YouTube’ of the Instagram and Snapchat generation.”

As well as allowing users to quickly save and upload their stories, Snappd also allows video creators to add context by adding tags and a short description. This allows viewers to search video stories on topics that interest them and watch them at their leisure. The Google Funding will enable the app’s developers to add even more features to Snappd, including making it possible for publishers to search for relevant video content to input into their websites, articles and social channels.

Russell devised Snappd after experiencing the frustration of spending hours creating videos only for them to be lost: “Before we started working on the app, I was making stories on Snapchat giving out tips on app development. Lots of my viewers were asking if I could send them the tips from past days but I couldn’t as stories disappear after 24 hours. After networking with other creators, I found that they also had this issue and didn’t want their content going to waste. So, I built Snappd to give people a dedicated place to save stories so they can be easily watched and shared. Users can only upload their own Snapchat and Instagram content, so if you’d rather your videos disappeared then you don’t need to worry.”

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